Kudos to Audi of America for taking on Americans’ perception of diesel.

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Audi of America has stepped up and taken on America’s negative perception of diesel technology.

Take a look at this video:

Then the commercial:

Changing American’s perception of diesel is a monumental task but one that will yield remarkable benefits.  Diesel offers the opportunity to immediately reduce our consumption of oil, reduce emission of CO2 and get better mileage.  Diesel can help manufacturers satisfy the new CAFE standards.  All this from a proven technology that is well understood and available today.

Diesel needs to be part of the energy solution of our country.    I know that it is far more fashionable in Washington to discuss plug in electric vehicles but those technologies are years away from broad-scale commercial viability.

Clean diesel is here today and can contribute immediately to   reducing our dependance on foreign oil, reducing one of the major gasses that cause global warming, give consumers 20-30% better milage and a motor that will last longer!

Diesel is a “win-win” for the consumer, the automobile manufacturers and our country.  All we need to do is update America’s perception of the technology.

Good for Audi of America for trying to change our perception of diesel.  I hope they succeed, that would be good for all of us.

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