Chevy Runs Deep

Chevrolet’s new advertising was previewed today in Detroit at Goodby’s new offices and breaks officially on the World Series tonight.  We learned a few days ago that while not a “tag line” the new work would include the theme “Chevy Runs Deep.”

Here’s the first commercial:

Already the pundits are criticizing the campaign.  Advertising Age has an article headlined “Criticism of the new Chevy theme runs deep” which does a very nice job of  chronicling the pundits’ negative opinions and I’m sure by tomorrow morning there will be more.

Much of the criticism stems from the idea that Chevy is trying to capitalize on “patriotism” or “American heritage.”  Other folks are implying that there is nothing new here, that in fact Campbell Ewald did this sort of work for Chevy for years and reference “Like a Rock” and “Heartbeat of America” as proof points.

Got it.  It’s true, the advertising is referencing the fact that the Chevy brand has long been a part of the fabric of America.  Indeed, many new babies came home in Chevrolets, many folks’ first cars were Chevys and yes, here in North Carolina I still see dogs riding in the back of Chevy pick-up trucks almost every day.  Is this “new,” no, but neither is Chevrolet.  Why is it that people, supposed experts, seem to think that Chevy needs to be re-invented, that it must be all new?

Chevrolet is an iconic American brand and what I see in this advertising is the brand trying to replace it’s stake in the ground.  It’s trying to remind us why it’s important and why so many of us care about it and feel connected to it.  It’s an effort to jump start the brand and it’s starting where it left off.

The real issue will be where they go from here with Chevrolet, because you can’t rest on your laurels or live in the past.

In the meantime, I think this campaign is a good start to re-establishing a great American brand.

Here’s the rest of the ads, I’d love to know you think.

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